The Redhead

Bacon Peanut Brittles By Mail

Available in 1lb bags and 3 packs of our 4oz pouches.  Select from drop down menu above.

 “Peanuts. Maple syrup. Some spices—cayenne and thyme. And bacon. All tossed together and roasted until the tacky bacon bonds with the crunchy peanuts, creating what may be the best beer nut in America, now being served at Redhead in New York’s East Village.”
- Esquire Magazine

“The bacon peanut brittle, served in a jar that a diner can take home, is an instant classic, a way to fill up quickly and a clue to the kitchen’s unpretentious bearings. The Redhead speaks with a pronounced Southern accent.”
- Frank Bruni in the New York Times

Everything is better with bacon.


Standard Shipping: We ship via UPS Ground One Day Per Week:

         Orders placed by 5pm on Fridays will ship on Tuesdays.

Special Orders: Interested in a larger volume order or expedited shipping? Please call us at 212-533-8655 so we can accommodate you.

Pickup Orders: Stop by the restaurant and take some home.